Christy Belz

Meet the Speaker
Christy Belz
The Leadership Circle

Overview of the Circle and the Human Development Model What is it and why is it useful?


  • Participants understand the LCP is an integrated approach of many disciplines
  • Participants understand that Leadership is not just in the work arena, it also about you as a person.  Leadership is about every aspect of your life
  • Participant are invited to be in an inquiry regarding their own leadership effectiveness and development

Combining scientific study of human behavior with intuition, Christy is able to lead clients into a steady evolution of authentic self-expression and inspired action while lessening negative thought patterns or behaviors.

In her talks and workshops, Christy’s graceful presence and unconventional ways connect the hearts and minds of audiences. Christy’s commitment and unique expertise helps transform lives.

Christy holds both a Bachelor’s (BSW) and Master’s of Social Work (MSW) degrees.