Speaker Profiles

2016 CampExperience Speakers from our last CampExperience retreat

Carol Calkins
Carol Calkins
Camp Chat: Senses of Well Being

Understand How Gratitude Contributes to Personal Well Being.

Learn Ways to Bring More Gratitude and Self Love into Your Life.

Experience Big LOVE!

Angela Cody-Rouget
Angela Cody-Rouget – Major Organizers
 Get Majorly Organized

Angela Mariotti - Centura Health
Angela Mariotti -Centura Health/St. Anthony’s North Health Campus
 The Gift of Health – from Centura Health / St. Anthony’s North Health Campus

Cathy Hawk
Cathy Hawk – Clarity International
 Clarity and planting exercise

Dr. Deb Sandella
Dr. Deb Sandella
“Goodbye Hurt & Pain – 7 Simple Steps for Health, Love and Success” Book premier

Discover how effectively you are using your organic EOS (Emotional Operating System).

Dyad Activity to help each other UP their EOS quotient.

Activate your EOS more fully by intentionally playing with 1-2 specific emotions during Camp

Dr. Dianne Stone
Dr. Dianne Stone, MD
Hitting the Stress Sweet Spot—The Key to Health, Happiness & Hormone Balance

Understand & experience what happens in your body with a stress response

Learn how this affects weight, sleep, mood, digestion, and sex drive.

Learn skills for recognizing and then short circuiting the stress response

Eileen Forlenza
Eileen Forlenza
 Camp Chat

Dr James Rouse
Dr James Rouse
Eat/Cook for Your Life

Fran Sorin pic
Fran Sorin
Keynote: Digging Deep – Radical Self-Care for a Happy and Creative Life

Question limiting beliefs.

Awareness of and Experience new ways of thinking and being.

Implement actions to change habits and work at new skills and technique

Gerri Kier
Gerri Kier – Complete Nutrition Alliance
Puberty to Menopause – Women’s Health and Nutrition

. Digestion – Learn Why digesting your food is So Important

Understand the importance of fats, carbohydrates and protein for healthy brain and body.

Learn about food, mood, hormones and how they link together.

Joneen Mackenzie
Joneen Mackenzie – Center for Relational Healing
Love languages

Julie Adams
Julie Adams – Pakems
Special message from Pakems

Kerstin Caldwell
What’s Your Story?

There could be many reasons why you’re a part of this weekend at CampExperience. In short, you’re here because you said YES! Framing your attitude toward approaching all experiences this weekend is Gaining Perspective’s Kerstin Caldwell. Arming you with the tools to provide yourself the ultimate camp experience is Kerstin’s goal. Let’s play!

Howe To Golf
Lauren Howe – Howe To Golf

Champ It Up!

LPGA Pro Golfer Lauren Howe shares lessons from her journey towards championship winning.

Lisa Haas
Lisa Haas – Actuate Social
Everything I Have Learned About Social Media Came From Cows

Theresa Byrne, Self Defense
Theresa Byrne, Self Defense
Camp Chat


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