Speaker Profiles

2017 CampExperience Speakers

  Stephanie Burgess

Painted Peace

Website: paintedpeace.com

Topic: Create! A Peace Path to Success

  Christine Chopyak


Website: arlosoul.com/

Topic: Relationships: Looking out, looking in, looking onward

  Alisa Clickenger

Founder – Women’s Motorcycle Tours

Website: www.WomensMotorcycleTours.com


  • What Learning to Ride a Motorcycle Can Teach you about Yourself Adventures 
  • Learn why motorcycling is a spiritual adventure for millions of women
  • Discover how mastery over machine can change your life
  • Understand why so many women are passionate about the sport
Susan Frew

Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air

Website: www.sunshineplumbingheating.com

TopicOvercoming a Traumatic Brain Injury 

  Gretchen Gagel

Continuum Advisory Group

Website: continuumag.com

Topic: Juggling Work and “Life” – Tips for reducing stress in our lives

Cathy Hawk

Get Clarity

Founding Director of Clarity International®, Coach and Energy Consultant

Website: www.getclarity.com


  Kari Henley

Age Without Borders

Website: www.awbcaregiving.com/

Topic: Aging is living: redefining, re-organizing and re-imagining the second half of life

In this session, you will::
  • Redefine what age means to you, and where unconscious ageist paradigms may be holding you back from achieving your full potential.
  • The organizer to directory of your second half of life, and learn how to “get your ducks in a row.”
  • Re-imagine your life as an active centenarian – and work backwards to today towards unlimited possibilities.
Pat Jacques


Website: advwoman.com

TOPIC: My Greatest Adventure

In this session, you will:

  • Discover the essential ingredient to an authentic, joy filled life
  • Embrace the truth of who you are
  • Experience freedom, joy and wonder of riding motorcycles
Dr. Gordon Mendenhall
A Bridge to Kenya, Inc.
Website: www.abridgetokanyavision.orgSr. Stella Sabina
SITEAW, INC. & CDDC (Cultural Diversity Drum Circle)
Websites: www.siteawinc.org
www.culturaldiversitydrumcircle.orgTOPIC: Vision Changes Lives
Gordon and Stella will invite the Camp to look at VISION in two ways: 1. Vision as the faculty or state of being able to see 2. Vision as a dream or imaginationParticipants will achieve a new “vision” of their own role in serving others both locally and beyond..
Dr. Natalie Rodden

Dr. Natalie Rodden is originally from Indiana and attended the University of Notre Dame. She then went to medical school at Tulane University, and completed internal medicine residency at the University of Utah. She went on to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to pursue a hospice and palliative medicine fellowship. Her research on “improving spiritual competency at the Mayo Clinic” focused on creating a better culture of awareness and comfort of health providers in addressing spiritual issues, notably at the end of life.  She is passionate about improving quality of life and decreasing suffering for people with serious and life-limiting illness.  She currently works as a palliative medicine physician at St. Anthony North Health Campus in Westminster, CO, and also serves as co-chair of the hospital’s ethics committee.

Berni Slowey

Filmmaker – Author – Speaker – TV Show Host – Transformation Coach

Website: www.bernislowey.com

TOPIC – Life is a Movie – and You are the Star
In this session, you will:

  • Reframe your perspective on life and see how life is happening for you, not to you.
  • Rescript your story from being a victim to becoming the victor.
  • Reaction to Action – you are the Director of your life.




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