Speaker Profiles

2017 CampExperience Speakers

  Stephanie Burgess

Painted Peace

Website: paintedpeace.com

Topic: Create! A Peace Path to Success

  Christine Chopyak


Website: arlosoul.com/

Topic: Relationships: Looking out, looking in, looking onward

Susan Frew

Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air

Website: www.sunshineplumbingheating.com

TopicOvercoming a Traumatic Brain Injury 

  Gretchen Gagel

Continuum Advisory Group

Website: continuumag.com

Topic: Juggling Work and “Life” – Tips for reducing stress in our lives

Cathy Hawk

Get Clarity

Founding Director of Clarity International®, Coach and Energy Consultant

Website: www.getclarity.com


  Kari Henley

Age Without Borders

Website: www.awbcaregiving.com/

Topic: Aging is living: redefining, re-organizing and re-imagining the second half of life

In this session, you will::
  • Redefine what age means to you, and where unconscious ageist paradigms may be holding you back from achieving your full potential.
  • The organizer to directory of your second half of life, and learn how to “get your ducks in a row.”
  • Re-imagine your life as an active centenarian – and work backwards to today towards unlimited possibilities.
Pat Jacques


Website: advwoman.com

TOPIC: My Greatest Adventure

In this session, you will:

  • Discover the essential ingredient to an authentic, joy filled life
  • Embrace the truth of who you are
  • Experience freedom, joy and wonder of riding motorcycles
Dr. Gordon Mendenhall
A Bridge to Kenya, Inc.
Website: www.abridgetokanyavision.orgSr. Stella Sabina
SITEAW, INC. & CDDC (Cultural Diversity Drum Circle)
Websites: www.siteawinc.org
www.culturaldiversitydrumcircle.orgTOPIC: Vision Changes Lives
Gordon and Stella will invite the Camp to look at VISION in two ways: 1. Vision as the faculty or state of being able to see 2. Vision as a dream or imaginationParticipants will achieve a new “vision” of their own role in serving others both locally and beyond..
Berni Slowey

Filmmaker – Author – Speaker – TV Show Host – Transformation Coach

Website: www.bernislowey.com

TOPIC – Life is a Movie – and You are the Star
In this session, you will:

  • Reframe your perspective on life and see how life is happening for you, not to you.
  • Rescript your story from being a victim to becoming the victor.
  • Reaction to Action – you are the Director of your life.




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