Where did CampExperience come from?
A Created in 2006, CampExperience is the idea of Betsy Wiersma and her working volunteer committee.

Q Who is Betsy Wiersma?
A Betsy is an author, speaker and special event marketer who specializes in WOW! She is a social entrepreneur who invented Camp to bring together amazing women and support homeless women and children. Read all about Betsy at www.BetsyWiersma.com

Q Is it really camping?
A Camp is the metaphor for getting away to experience transformation. Most events are bug free!

Q Is CampExperience a non-profit? Can I deduct my registration fees as a donation?
A Camp itself is not a charity, however all activities at the Camp benefit the Charity Partners.

Q Can I go to just one day of Camp?
A With limited Camper slots and a full schedule of activities, we are only selling full 2.5 day registrations. You can choose to come late or leave early if you need to. For more information contact us.

Q How can my company or product be showcased or sold at Camp?
A Contact Betsy at Betsy@CampExperience.com,  303-994-1911 or complete our webform for sponsorship information.

Q Do I have to stay on-site?
No, but you will want to so it is easy to get to our late-night fun and early morning classes/activities.

Q Can I talk to a Camper from another year to hear her feedback?
A Please contact  Betsy at 720-200-0271 or complete our webform and we will connect you with an alumni Camper.

Q Do people attend more than one time?
A Yes, there are new speakers, adventures and surprises every year! Every year over 50% of the guests were returning alumni Campers.

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