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Chris Chopyak
Chris Chopyak
Picture Your Business Strategy
Chris Chopyak
 Chris is a true alchemist who combines business knowledge and tools with pictures and color,turning the humdrum in business into the extraordinary.With over 20 years of business planning, strategy consulting, public participation, stakeholder engagement and systems analysis, Chris excels in supporting business transformation with clarity and focus, using best practice methods, strategic illustrations and participation engagement. She has designed and led visionary processes for and with multiple industries including finance, technology, pharmaceutical, consumer products, consulting, petrochemicals, agriculture, publishing and education, oil and gas, aerospace and hospitality.

With a specialty in large group facilitation (150+) and cultural integration, Chris thrives on the challenge of large systems and small teams in diverse, multi-cultural and international settings.

One key differentiation for Chris and her company, Alchemy: The Art of Transforming Business, is the use of strategic illustration to mobilize key leaders and teams. While including art and pictures into her projects and processes, she adeptly weaves expert design principles, storytelling, play, empathy and symphony as a way to focus on what matters most in the context of their immediate business needs.

Chris is the author of Picture Your Business Strategy: Transform Decisions with the Power of Visuals (McGraw-Hill Professional), a go-to-resource for how to plan and execute great business ideas. Using strategic illustration and three simple design principles, Chris inspires the use of pictures, words and metaphors to realize business ideas and address challenges.

Prior to her leadership role at Alchemy, Chris served as the Vice President for Development at Earth Force, and as Executive Director of Keystone Science School, a division of The Keystone Center located in Keystone, Colorado. She has been a keynote speaker and guest faculty at several business schools across the United States. She serves on the Board of a variety of non-profit organizations.

Chris has an M.B.A from the Executive and Professional Education program at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, and is a graduate of the 50 for Colorado executive education program at the LEEDS Business School at the University of Colorado at Boulder.