2017 Amazing Adventures & Art and Crafts Workshops

Everyone gets a choice of two Amazing Adventures or Craft Workshops.  Spots are filled on a first-come-first-scheduled basis, beginning at 9:30 am on Friday in the Main Lodge.  Amazing Adventures and Art and Crafts workshops are Friday and Saturday 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm at locations throughout the Camp.

Amazing Adventures

Terri MongaitSuccess with Horses, Terri Mongait, Begin Again Ranch

Meet at the Horse Arena

Come partner with horses and get the tools and insights you need to invite more success in your life.   Horses will help you identify, accept and overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from living your best life as they share their wisdom and healing with us….no judgement, no expectations.


easter sealsClimbing Wall/Zip Line, Easter Seals Staff

Meet at the Climbing Wall

Are you ready for some high-flying fun?  Join the staff of Rocky Mt Village and first learn skills to climb the wall.  Then at the top, zip line down to celebrate your success.  All levels of climbers (or never-climbers!) are welcomed to this adventure that the Easter Seals Campers all conquer and LOVE!  You can do this!


charFly Fishing: How to Catch Your Dream, Char Bloom

Meet At the Upper Pond

Char Bloom is back for some fly fishing FUN!  In this adventure you will learn fly fishing basics while enjoying the incredible gifts of mother nature, experience the joy, appreciation and beauty of rainbow trout and other aquatic life and feel all your senses engage as you spend 2 ½ hours seeing, smelling, hearing and touching the energy force of water and the life it supports.


Dr. Audrey Boxwell, PsycheHike™

PsycheHike® Dr. Audrey Boxwell

Meet outside the Main Lodge Front Doors

Join Camp favorite Dr. Audrey Boxwell in one of her favorite hike locations where you will “reroute” your present GPS to break our current “circular holding pattern”, set a new intention for the coming year and experience the beauty of Rocky Mountain Village and each other.  Wear your hiking/walking shoes for this adventure.


jen jonesDeeper Dive: Photography Workshop, Jen Jones, Mike’s Camera

Meet outside the Main Lodge Jake’s Place Dining Hall

Learn to be your best from the best!  In this longer workshop, Jen Jones will help you to learn photography tips and tricks, be inspired to try new ways to explore your camera and its abilities and find your inner photographer for a lifetime of fun!  Bring your own camera.

Motorcycles rides with Pat Jacques and Alisa Clickenger of ADVWoman

Meet in the Parking Lot outside the Main Lodge
Join Pat Jacques, AdvWoman and Alisa Clickenger, MotoAdventureGal for a two-wheeling fun experience as they share their passion for motorcycling and give you the ride of a lifetime. Experience freedom, joy and wonder of riding motorcycles!

Sound Healing with Kimberly Hedden-Welch
Meet in the Main Lodge – Genesee Hall

Are you feeling out of tune with your authentic self? Return to harmony through a Goddess Attunement sound healing treatment. Experience deep relaxation through the tones and vibrations of celestially tuned sacred sound instruments as they gently and pleasantly sooth dissonance out of your energy field, allowing your mind to clear, muscles to relax, and spirit to soar.

dr Debra RouseCooking for Life, Dr. Debra Rouse & Dr. James Rouse  (Friday only)

Drs. Debra and James Rouse have dedicated their lives to healthy food making happy people!  Authors of the book Think.Eat.Move.Thrive and Colorado Fit Kitchen, the Rouses will teach some

Better Dr Rouse

of their favorite easy and healthy recipes.  Then lucky workshop guests will enjoy the food and share the blessings of inspired healthy eating.



Art & Crafts Workshops

Heart of Gold Multimedia Craft, Julie Haymaker-Thompson

Main Lodge Jake’s Place Dining Hall

Join Julie for several hours of fun. We will paint and distress a wooden craft frame adding a layer of texture using stencils and mica flakes. Next we will cover a dimensional heart with glass glitter and add butterfly wings laminated with sheet mica. Our wings and heart will be a mounted in the center fame and a sweet charm will hang for the bottom tip of the heart. A coiled wire will be created and attached for a hanger. Also join Julie during Friday and Saturday activities time for make and take arts and crafts time!

Stephanie Burgess

Main Lodge Jake’s Place Dining Hall

Come to make and take arts & crafts with this very talented artist. Stephanie has been working as an artist since 2009. With a wood burner, some colorful paint and brush in hand, she and her daughter, Isabel, began to create art together when Isabella was a toddler and their new home was under construction. She noticed remnants of wood that the construction workers were simply throwing away and wanted to teach her daughter about recycling. Stephanie was amazed at how beautiful their pieces turned out.  Subsequently, she started creating her own art which led to renting a craft booth and selling her wares at the local Bellingham, Washington Farmer’s Market. In 2011, Stephanie first discovered a traditional Peace Pole created by the World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) outside of a local cafe in Bellingham.  It read, ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ in different languages running down the sides of the pole.  She was completely awestruck and it became the inspiration for her next project. Stephanie started her career as a Licensed Artist when she signed with Licensing Agent, Alicia Dauber and first manufacturer (Studio M) in 2012 to go on and reproduce her popular poles.


GuirysArt In The World Around You, Felicia Claiborne of Guiry’s

Craft Cabin

Guiry’s has the coolest art supplies and crafting materials and they have organized another wonderful art project for Camp Sisters to LOVE!  Join us during our craft breakout and learn how to take simple things found in nature and turn them into simple and beautiful artwork. Work directly with Felicia and Carolyn to apply simple (yet impressive!) painting techniques to rocks and walk away with some custom art to keep or give away and also the confidence to tackle this project on your own when you get home!