CampExperience Story

The Creation of CampExperience

Imagine the scene….summer of 2005: 15 women, S’mores, a craft and a birth of a BIG IDEA!

In the summer of 2005 I had this BIG IDEA:  Women who have can help women who need with not only money but LOVE, ideas, friendship, encouragement and connection.


Betsy Wiersma
Betsy Wiersma

And I heard the download clear in my soul: CampExperienceCampExperienceCamp……………A Camp (getaway) to Experience NEW people, places, adventures, and connections to support

AMAZING women of all walks of life to enjoy the ride and live life BIG!  A camp……like the kids go to, but more for RELAXATION (thus the mantra “I like nature just don’t get it on me!”

So I dared to dream this dream BIG in a hands-on way…… hosting a call out for ideas and interaction and to test a day of education, inspiration and connection……a day to crystalize CampExperience

The friends and some new friends come and connected, chatted, snacked on Tammy’s home-made S’mores and did of course a craft to ground us……………..and we dreamed….

And graphic recording expert Kriss Wittmann drew……………and CampExperience took the shape of a 4’x8’ vision map full of thoughts and possibilities.

CampExperience Vision Map 2005 by Kris Whitman
CampExperience Vision Map 2005 by Kris Whitman

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