Business Case for CampExperience

A Business Case: CampExperience

CampExperience is a business model that most of us haven’t seen, but it always works.” ~ Tara Zimmerman, Northwestern Mutual Denver

Why should businesses send someone to CampExperience?

“You get a better person back.” ~ Carol Calkins, Author

Why you should come to CampExperience?

“You’ll change in ways you never knew you could.”  ~ Jana Stanfield, Singer Songwriter

“It’s no secret that successful businesses are made up of people who are professionally and personally satisfied.
These people are pro-active, motivated, engaged and invigorated.
They come to work renewed, refreshed, relaxed and ready.
They think differently, make smart decisions and produce results.
They are experienced professionals and have unique life experiences.
They are CampExperience “Campers”.”

~ Betsy Wiersma. Camp Founder

CampExperience participants see a return on investment that cannot be measured in dollars alone. Women return to work more motivated, more self-directed and more engaged, and will have increased their network of business contacts by more than 200 people.” ~ Jody McNerney, Compass Bank

Come for the Business Experience

Participate in professional development workshops to build your sales skills, to develop your best leadership styles or to hone your goal setting and visioning skills.
Attend presentations hosted by national and local Colorado business leaders. Past presenters include keynoters Dr. Deb Kern, Zonya Foco, Holly Stiel and Karen Drucker as well as Deb Fine, Caroline Turner, Colleen Stanley, Lynn Robinson and 30 other top presenters. Enjoy meals, hands-on workshops and other activities where you share interaction with these amazing presenters.

“There are business networking events all across Denver, but this is two-and-a-half days of solid networking with like-minded women who want to help fellow Campers succeed.”  ~ Gretchen Faber, The Kentwood Companies

CampExperience is a good place to build brand recognition for yourself and your company. And you’re expanding your network with business leaders and decision makers from all over.” 
~ Rhonda Sheya, Regis University

Grow Your Network and Your Self Worth

At CampExperience women are encouraged to challenge themselves physically and emotionally, as well as professionally. A true professional is not only business savvy, but healthy and well-rounded, too. Additional activities include self-defense, fly-fishing, dance and exercise classes, as well as health services consultation. In your free time, take a hike, learn to cook organically and more.

“Camp has changed me professionally, profoundly, physically, emotionally.” ~ Tammy Abramovitz, Board Chair Warren Village

Let Camp Be Your Staff Retreat and Team Building Activity

CampExperience is designed to serve as your company retreat and team building adventure. Send your best women for the education and inspiration, and let the team choose a joint activity to build skills and bonds.

“We are the best retreat investment, packed-full of all the speakers and activities no small retreat can afford,” comments founder Betsy Wiersma. “Companies large and small are utilizing our year of planning and well-organized activities.” ~ Betsy Wiersma, Camp Founder

Learn more about the CampExperience Annual Women’s Retreat!

“The actual networking, the focus on how to network and who to network with… Camp makes for an amazing business resource. The numbers alone should be incentive for a company to send an employee to Camp… There are a lot of networking events all over Denver, but there are none this intense and this fulfilling.” ~ Cathy Hawk, Clarity International

“Women return to work rejuvenated about their jobs and their lives. Every Camper comes away with new professional and personal relationships. Everyone comes away with something that makes a lasting impression on their lives.” ~ LeAnne Diester, Supper Solutions

For more information about bringing your group to CampExperience™ contact us via the web or call Betsy Wiersma at 720-200-0271.