About Us

Mission Statement

CampExperience is an annual retreat and full year of events designed for the education, inspiration and connection of amazing women.  Our “sisterhood by choice” builds each other’s businesses and personal lives, while helping other women in need. Now in its 12th year, CampExperience has raised $350,000 in cash, 50,000 pounds of donated goods and over 1000 hours of donated time for our Charity Partners. 

CampExperience was created for successful women interested in building their lives, careers and connections. It provides busy women a reprieve from their everyday lives, and an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and their peers. This very special retreat fosters education, personal growth and amazing experiences, in an environment of positive energy, creativity and playful fun. Our participants and speakers share their gifts and resources with important charities that benefit women.


Our “Campers” are a mix of corporate women, business owners and women entrepreneurs, business leaders, community volunteers and active moms that are looking for community connections and personal growth.

This one-of-a-kind retreat connects you with amazing people and impactful experiences that will help you:
• Renew friendships and build new alliances with like-minded peers
• Recharge your personal purpose and leadership style
• Relax at the social activities, creativity classes, networking sessions or the variety of personal services
• Refresh your mind, body and spirit with professional development and skills classes
• Recognize amazing charities and business organizations making a real difference for women in your local community and the world
• Respond with your support of women charities and causes

2013 CampExperience Annual Retreat, illustration by Kris Wittmann
2013 CampExperience Annual Retreat, illustration by Kris Wittmann


Why Would I Attend CampExperience?

CampExperience is designed to be a catalyst to positive personal and professional success. We are a one-of-a-kind combination of top ideas, resources and a committed network of supporters, and the end result is a network of activated women, driven by passion, power and purpose. CampExperience™ will deliver exactly what you need, and with your active participation, the Camp family will share your journey to your biggest dreams.

See the Life Impact Survey of how CampExperience has changed the lives of hundreds of women!

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